Improving the onboarding experience for new vendor signups

This redesign focused towards showing benefits and all required information potential service providers needed to know before joining Kaodim as a vendor. There was close involvements with founders, and other stakeholders to get this done.

Before & After — A Comparison


Over the years our vendor products have got many product and feature updates, but this was not put out on signup landing page for new potential vendors to discover and get confident in trying our products.

How might we educate new users about Kaodim benefits and advantages they get when they sign up as a Kaodim vendor?

What’s missing?

Prior to the redesign the webpage only showed information on one way of getting jobs. This information was slightly dated at the time because for vendors there were two main ways to get jobs — to see jobs, send a quote and get booked by customers, or to get

Involve stakeholders and country managers early on

Kaodim group has their products across 4 countries — Kaodim in Malaysia & Singapore, Gawin in Philippines and Beres in Indonesia. We have respective country managers assigned for each country, and they give us insights on a region/demographic related info. Often for major changes that goes live goes through one round of review from country managers. Therefore for this project we involved country managers early on, and created content to get verified by them before interface design started.

Visualising important information

We agreed to bring show insightful metrics to potential new vendors and thus included section for growth, earnings for vendors in each country. Some new info added includes:

  1. All important benefits vendors get from Kaodim
  2. Growth, number of jobs metrics
  3. Preview of signup screens for mobile
  4. Product flow explained in simple 5 to 6 STEPS
  5. Success stories and testimonials presented as text and video
  6. Frequently asked questions
Assets sheet

Release to production

After few rounds of iterations, content and copy change, translations and few more iterations to consider tech feasibility, I prepared the mockup on Figma and included all interactions and animation on Figma preview URL. This helped reduce the number of design reviews to give feedback on slider implementation, transitions of images etc., The website went live in first week of December 2020.

Insights after release

We had setup tracking on Hotjar to understand what turned out well and what needs improvement. Within a month’s time we checked the readings on Hotjar to see most sections had clicks, the busiest being sections above the fold. A section that describes how to get jobs on Kaodim had the least clicks, which has been considered for an update for next time.

Heatmap recording from Hotjar trimmed to show most prominent sections only.

Next steps

Next steps is to improve sections that weren’t received well, but also most importantly to bring in the most viewed information to mobile app onboarding and PWA apps as we also see increase in number of new signups coming organically to App Store & Play Store, as well as signup links being opened from mobile app browser that opens the PWA app.