Feedback Survey App

This app was designed for a premium watch seller chain in India. The requirement was to design a survey app with a minimal interface, which will be easy for a customer to submit his/her feedback.


The concept was experimental during the time it was being developed, because unlike the traditional way of giving feedback, a customer will be provided an iPad which starts with a questionnaire that he’ll be able to answer.

This approach, not just being modern, was also a better way to get feedback. It does not include a pen, a paper and requires very little effort from a customer.

The challenging part was designing icons. Our client was very specific about iconography. “It should represent our brand, it should have expressions, and please DO NOT use any smileys.”


Over the course of three months in designing and development, not just the icons, but the entire designs went through about half a dozen changes until finalising each and everyone of it.

Our client is pretty happy about the results. How the innovative idea of using an app to collect survey has become an optimal way to collect feedback, thus helping them serve their customers even better.